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Basic Solutions ResearchAt Basic Solutions Research we look forward to proving your products are more profitable than the competition, year after year. We strive to help you only deliver superb products to your customer base through the use of superior, real-world research data. By doing this we will conduct many test at our research facility located in Garden City, MO through strip trials. From testing the latest genetics on corn, soybeans, and wheat, to chemical treatments, farming techniques, population studies, and crop rotation. BSR also offers a variety of on-farm test plots.

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John Ortiz, Basic Solutions Research


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  • Hybrid/Variety performance
  • Irrigated vs. non irrigated
  • Foliar applications
  • Yield enhancing products
  • Stress varieties
  • Farming practices
  • Population studies
  • Crop rotations/continuous corn
  • On farm test plot planting
  • Chemical testing
  • Field days
  • Test plot seed packaging
  • Trait vs. non trait
  • Food grade plots

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