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AgTech, Inc.

AgTech, Inc. is a professional crop consulting company based in Garden City, Missouri. We were founded in early 2014 and have been helping farmers ever since. We offer a comprehensive crop scouting package that includes precise crop measurements (growth, nutrients, pests), industry-leading assessment reports, aerial visual imagery, aerial sensing using NIR, and much more. To learn more about our scouting package, visit our Crop Consulting page.

Our team of crop scouts specialize in using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) to give you a new perspective on your crops. Using UAV’s, we are able to quickly see problem areas in fields, as well as monitor the health of your crops using NIR (Near Infared) technology.

We also offer a wide variety of agronomic services, including soil sampling, regular field checks, insect, weed, and disease scouting, fertilizer and ag-chemical recommendations, and much more.

Our Services

Intensive Package
AgTech’s “Intensive Package” consists of the following:

1) Scouting field every 7-10 days during crop season for insects, weeds, and disease.

2) Receive weekly Emailed Report or Written Report on any recommendations in a timely matter.

3) Corn scouting every 7-10 days prior to tassel, 14 days post tassel and through R7 for soybeans.

4) Aerial Photos Using Altitude Technology Flight platform. Flown 12 times during growing season of Contracted fields.

5) Receive weekly Ag Consulting Phone Report by Crop Scout on what is being seen in your area and surrounding areas.

Price: $12.50 per acre

Discounts: There is a bulk discount for every 500 acres entered (up to 2,500 acres) of $0.25.

* Soil and Tissue samples are not included in the crop scouting packages.

Weekly Agronomic Spotlight Report Phone Call
Receive a weekly phone call highlighting relevant agronomic information from our crop scouts.

Price: $249 per year

Soil Sampling
Soil samples are analyzed for soil pH, lime requirement, nitrate nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, soluble salts, organic matter and calculated CEC. Very affordable GPS based grid soil sampling ranging from a 2.5 acre grid to 10 acre grid, ensuring accurate repeat-ability time after time. The package includes recommendations in every report. Other analyses are available on request. We provide full map reports of each field printed or sent to email in Adobe pdf format. We also provide prescription mapping exported to a shape file upon request at no additional charge.

Grid Sampling Prices (per acre)

Acres 2.5 Acre Grid 5.0 Acre Grid 10 Acre Grid
80 – 499 acres $10.25 $9.75 $9.25
500 – 999 acres $9.00 $8.50 $8.00
1000+ acres $8.50 $8.00 $7.50

SCN Soil Testing Price

$500 – samples taken on up to 10 fields, lab work, reports made, and a personal consultation with customer
$350 (discounted price if already signed up for crop scouting services)

*Acres must be paid in full to receive all soil data/prescription maps.

Fertilizer Recommendations
Our agronomists sell no products and make unbiased fertilizer recommendations, based on certified laboratory analysis of each sample. Recommendations take into consideration yield goal, carryover fertilizer levels, and other variables.
Ag-Chemical Recommendations
When weed, insect or disease problems are found in a client’s field, the AgTech staff recommends the best products and rates for control and when and where the products should be applied. We sell no products, so clients can be assured they are getting unbiased recommendations.
Detailed Field Reports
After each regular field check, our agronomists complete a detailed computerized field report for the client. Each report contains weed, insect and disease scouting results, maps highlighting field conditions, irrigation scheduling information and ag-chemical recommendations.
Permanent Record Keeping
AgTech maintains permanent records for each field under contract. This information provides clients and agronomists with a longtime history of each field. Soil fertility levels, water quality, soil type, crop yields, insects, weed problems and other data is updated each season.
Crop Rotation Planning
AgTech helps clients plan crop rotation patterns taking into account herbicide use, crop prices, weed problems and other variables.

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