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Kent Kauffman

Kent Kauffman is the owner of Kent’s Corner Consulting, KCC. Through KCC, Kent is able to offer a wide variety of agriculture consulting, including aerial photography and mapping, as well as UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) spraying. He is also able to perform all types of agriculture research, from variety, in-furrow and foliar testing.

My Services

Research Planning
We can perform research, as well as provide consulting services for those wanting to set up and engage in their own research.
UAS Aerial Spraying
We are able to provide custom aerial spraying applications using a UAS. This provides precision spraying for research plots and problem areas in a field.
Custom Burning
With our broadcast and in row burning, with can provide cost effective weed and insect control in organic and conventional fields.
Aerial Mapping
We are able to offer mapping services through both UAS and airplanes, with color, NIR, NDVI, and thermal cameras.

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