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William J. Cook


Recently retired from many of his businesses and positions, Bill is looking forward to helping companies navigate through these interesting times.

Bill’s vision is to make your business quicker! Quicker is better than bigger, and he sees the potential in leveraging big data to keep businesses like yours in the game by acting quickly. He want his clients to have access to good data fast! With the right business practices in place, Bill can counsel companies to uphold a customer service model focused on saving money, making money and saving time!

How the Consulting Process Works
Bill has developed a four-step consulting process. With this approach, he assesses a company’s current position and works with your company to outline a better, stronger direction for the future.

1) With a letter of understanding or memorandum of understanding, Bill evaluates your company, identifies your goals and devises a plan for you to accomplish those goals.

2) Bill schedules four quarterly meetings with your team throughout the year. At these meetings, Bill will work with your team to assess the business and develop a business plan.

3) After the second quarterly meeting, Bill will share a list of other professionals who would represent possible future contacts that could offer supporting services for your business, based on needs identified during the evaluation stage.

4) For additional consulting questions or services, Bill or his team will have an hourly consulting fee.

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