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Our team is on the cutting edge of technological innovations in the agricultural industry. Tap our brains and let us increase your yields.

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You're busy. We're busy. We know that time and money are critical! Our goal is to get you the results you're looking for as quickly as possible.


We have decades of experience perfecting soils, increasing yields, and marketing agricultural products and services.


Our team is here to Serve You! AgTeamPro consists of top notch business owners that are customer focused and service oriented.

Who is AgTeamPro?

AgTeamPro consists of a group of experts who are building value for growers, seedsmen, suppliers, producer entrepreneurs and agribusinesses. They are here to help you in every way that they can. Take advantage of the service and skills of these tremendously talented people. Our desire at AgTeam is to bring on professionals who are honorable, loyal, and most of all enthusiastic! So, if you feel you that you fit that model, and would like information on how to become an AgTeamPro, contact us.

A Message from John Ortiz

AgTeamPro consists of a group of experts who build value for growers, seedsmen, suppliers, producer entrepreneurs and agribusinesses. Our greatest reward is helping you to succeed. We care about you and your operation and want to see you succeed in the Ag Industry today.
echnology is changing daily and is constantly advancing agriculture forward. We at AgTeamPro want to help you take advantage of those advancements, make those transitions as easy as possible, and bring in higher revenues.
Using the Latest Ag Technology to Yield Higher Revenues
y philosophy is that relationships are EVERYTHING! Not only are our relationships important within our business, but most of all, our relationships are important with you. Every team member within AgTeamPro is committed to you and your success. In selecting our team, I looked for the "Best of the Best!" And I am pleased that every member of our organization is enthusiastic, motivated, intelligent, and they all have a great deal of integrity. I couldn't be more privileged to be able to work with such hard working people.

veryone has strengths and weaknesses, and in our business we have learned to draw on the strengths of our team when solving problems. When you reach out to AgTeamPro, we work together to attack your specific problems and help you to turn them into successes in your business. Having said all of this, I invite you to take advantage of the services and skills of our tremendously talented people. I am committed to helping you create more value in your operation, and to helping you reach your greatest potential.

Helping You With...

I.P. Grain Marketing Strategies

We do Marketing like nobody's business! Let us help you earn premiums with our VISPS verification system.


Looking for an answer to that nagging question you've had? Our Professionals have Answers!

Financial Planning

From risk management, farm plans, and estate plans, our professionals can help you get a financial plan.

Team Strength Identification

Our professionals can analyze your team and help you make sure you are getting the most out of your organization.

Farm Research

We have professionals who specialize in high-quality farm research.

Web & SEO Services

Have a product or service that you want others to know about? We have a Pro for that!